Important News

Regular consultation hours will be organized differently from March 16, 2020 due to the corona virus and to prevent the spread of the virus and protect our patients, visitors and staff.

From March 16, 2020 there will be no regular consultation hours at our GP-office. We ask you to not book any appointments via the website and not visit our GP-office, REGARDLESS YOUR MEDICAL OR PHYSICAL COMPLAINTS. We take these precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect our patients, visitors and staff.

Instead, we offer telephone-, email- or video consultations as an alternative. Already booked appointments will be automatically converted to a telephone-, email- or video-consultation.

This way we hope to limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.

·  If you have symptoms of the corona virus. If you have questions. Please call or email our office, but DON’T visit us.

·  Do you have respiratory complaints, such as a continuous cough, a cold and sore throat and/or a high temperature. Please stay at home and limit any contact with other people and do not visit the elderly. Currently, corona virus tests are not performed anymore.

·  Please contact us when the symptoms – fever, respiratory complaints - get worse.

· Prevent contamination: See also:

o   Wash your hands regularly.

o   Sneeze and cough in your elbow.

o   Do not shake hands.

o   Use paper tissues.


POH-S and POH-GGZ-appointments. (Petra / Annemieke of Job)

Already scheduled POH-appointments will automatically be converted to telephone-, email- or video consultations at the scheduled time. The POH-consultant will call you.  

If you have any questions, please contact us.



From March 16, 2020 the SALT-blood collection facility will be closed at our GP-office. The following blood collection facilities will be operational: OLVG Oost, Oosterpark 9 and OLVG West, Jan Tooropstraat164.

Accessibility GP-office

The health care system is currently under great pressure due to the corona virus. If you think you’re in need of a doctor, please contact our office. From our office we can arrange a video consultation through ZOOM Video Conferencing.

Our GP-office is well equipped to help you online.


Through our website:  you can also easily consult us. You can arrange the following matters with us online:

  • Send an E-consultation with a medical question and add – if necessary – a photo.

  • Request ‘repeat’ prescriptions

Via Zorgmail you can:

  • Receive test-results with comment from the GP

Thank you in advance for your understanding.



Adrie Heijnen, general practitioner, colleagues and employees.


Video consultation:

If you want to prepare for a possible video consultation, install ZOOM.

If you have not previously used our video-consultation-system, you must first install the required software with one of the links below.

Video consult for Apple:

After downloading the necessary software you can start the installation from your downloads folder.

Video consult for Windows10:
After downloading the necessary software you can start the installation from your downloads folder.

Video consult for Apple IOS:

Video consult for Android:

Video consult for Chrome OS:



(See newsletter January 2020)

Especially now in this time of the Corona crisis it can be of vital importance that an emergency doctor can access your data.

If you have not arranged it yet, please do so.


Connection to National Exchange Point (LSP)

The LSP is an electronic healthcare infrastructure. It’s a network and healthcare providers can connect into it. Using this network, healthcare providers can consult medical information about their patients in this LSP system.  Access to this information can be vital in case of medical emergencies. For joining in, we need your permission.

From 2020, we would like to offer this opportunity to anyone who wants to do so.

There are 4 different ways to give permission:

1.    Use the button ‘LSP’ on the GP’s website.

2.    Do it online at

3.    Complete the permission form (available at the counter of the GP-office or at the website: ) and hand it in at the GP-office.

4.    Tell the assistants at the GP-office that you agree with sharing your current medical data.