Our practice offers accessible, regular medical care in accordance with current professional standards and insights to residents of a part of central Amsterdam, including the Wallen, Dam and Nieuwmarkt quarters, with the aim of making a contribution to the quality of life of its patients. There are specific issues in the area, such as urban problems, alcohol and drug abuse, social issues (including many psychological and psychiatric problems), but the distinctive feature of the practice is its role in STD and HIV care.

Our practice wants to be a service-providing and low-threshold health institution that keeps up with the times and where patients feel at ease. A place which he/she readily visits for consultation on health-related matters.
Basic conditions here are rapid telephone accessibility, a well-functioning internet service, a friendly approach by assistants, nurse practitioners and general practitioners in contacts with patients and high-quality care provision. For instance, the general practitioners believe in the importance of taking their own responsibility for terminal care. This means that they can be reached by these patients at weekends too.

Our practice assumes that physical, psychological and social aspects are important and as care providers we consult with the patient on all these factors that are crucial to his/her health and illness. In consultation with the patient we decide on the (follow-up) treatment. A basic principle here is the patient’s own responsibility for his/her health and recovery.

Within regional health services the practice performs a pivotal function by dealing with the many questions of its patients as primary health carer. The practice always tries to make responsible choices: either to deal with the question within the practice or to refer the patient to partnered care providers. The provision of financially sound care plays a role in these deliberations.