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Kinds of cookies
There are different kinds of cookies:

  • Permanent cookies
    By using a permanent cookie you can be recognized next time when you visit this website. Therefore the website can be adjusted to your preferences. This way you do not have to repeat your preferences on every visit. You can remove permanent cookies through the settings of your browser.

  • Session cookies
    By using session cookies the website saves which parts you viewed during your current visit. This enables the website to be adjusted to your specific usage. Session cookies are automatically removed when you close your web browser.

  • Tracking cookies
    This website does not make use of tracking cookies.

Right to view, correction or deletion of your data
You have the right to view, correction or deletion of your data. For this you can contact the practice.
To prevent abuse you may be asked to identify yourself. In case the cookie is linked to personal information you have to provide a copy of the cookie along with your request. You can find the location of the cookie in your browser settings.
We will respond to your request as soon as possible but at least within four weeks.

Enabling, disabling or disposal of cookies
More information about enabling, disabling and disposal of cookies can be found by using the Help function of your browser.

More information
More information about cookies can be found on the website ConsuWijzer (part of the Authority for Consumers & Markets).