POHs and SOH

At our GP practice several POHs and a SOH work in support of the general practitioners.

POH (Practice assistant)
A POH checks and guides patients in specific areas of attention. For this the POH has more time than the general practitioner, with whom he or she works in close consultation.
There is a POH-S consultation hour and a POH-GGZ consultation hour.

  • POH-S consultation hour (Practice assistant - Somatics)
    You can be referred to this consultation hour for:
    • diabetes
    • cardio vascular diseases
    • asthma/COPD
    • if you belong to the group 'of vulnerable elderly people'
    • to quit smoking
  • POH-GGZ consultation hour (Practice assistant - Mental healthcare)
    You can be referred to this consultation hour for:
    • psychological complaints
    • psychosocial complaints

You have to be referred to a POH consultation hour by the general practitioner. Consultations take place by appointment.

SOH (GP consultation hour assistant)
A SOH is a GP practice assistant who is trained to independently assess and treat patients with certain complaints.

  • SOH consultation hour
    You can come to this consultation hour for:
    • semi-urgent complaints
    • minor injuries and common complaints
    • PrEP care
    • sexual health

You can go to the SOH consultation hour via the GP practice assistant.

Make an appointment
To make an appointment you can contact the GP practice by telephone or, if applicable to the type of consultation, use the web agenda in our patients environment.
The POH may also invite you in writing to come to the consultation hour or may want to make an appointment to visit you.