In our GP practice we offer accessible, regular general practitioner care according to current professional standards and insights to residents of a part of the Center of Amsterdam, including the Wallen, Dam Square and the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood. The aim is: to provide a contribution to the quality of life of the patients.
The area has specific points of attention: big city problems, a great deal of of alcohol and drug abuse, social problems (including many psychological and psychiatric problems), but nevertheless the main characteristic of the GP practice is its role in STI and HIV care.

Our GP practice wants to be a service-providing and accessible health care institution that moves along with the times and in which patients feel at ease. It wants to be a place which people go to without hesitation for matters concerning their health.
The basic conditions are a fast telephone accessibility and a well-functioning internet, a friendly approach by the team members in contacts with patients and high-quality care.
In the case of terminal care, for example, the GPs consider it important that this is kept in their own hands as much as possible. This means that they are also available for these patients in the weekends.

In our GP practice we assume that physical, psychological and social aspects are important and as health care providers we look together with the patient at all these factors that are important for his/her health and illness. Therefore every (follow-up) treatment is considered in consultation with the patient. The basic principle here is personal responsibility for one's own health and recovery.
The GP practice plays a pivotal role within the care offered in the region through first-line response to many health questions from its patients. In our GP practice we always try to make responsible choices: we consider whether we will deal with the question ourselves or refer to other healthcare providers within our partnerships. Our considerations include the provision of financially responsible care.