Team members

Adrie Heijnen
Adrie Heijnen
General Practitioner


Adrie has been working in this practice since 1987. Initially he was an extra general practitioner for his predecessor Herman Kraamer. In 1991 he took over the practice together with Erik Hochheimer. Unfortunately, in 2005 Erik had to give up the profession of general practitioner for health reasons.

After that, Adrie ran the practice on his own for a time. From 2010 to 2017 a partnership was formed with Arjan de Meij. From October 2017 Adrie will carry on by himself.  He intends to work as a general practitioner for at least another 10 years.

Adrie has a great deal of knowledge about HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases, (terminal) homecare, while he also works as a sexuologist. On Tuesday evenings and Wednesdays he gives extra consultations on sexual matters in a centre separately set up for this purpose: Sexuology Centre Amsterdam, also at Koestraat 5-A.

Since 1988 the practice is also a training practice for young GPs. This means that every year another doctor under training works along in the practice. He hopes that everyone will gain as much satisfaction from this group of young doctors as he does from training them. Although Adrie feels strongly about personal contact with his patients, he cannot always be personally available to all of them. He hopes to guarantee good care for all patients and by all team members by ensuring that the computer system is kept up to date, with close attention to proper and correct reporting, so that good care is safeguarded for everybody. (And as most of you know, he loves Apple computers.)

 Nurse practitioner-somatic
Petra Stouten
Nurse practitioner-somatic

Petra Stouten works two days a week as a nurse practitioner. Petra has been specially trained to support people with a chronic illness.

She can help you with:

  • diabetes monitoring (Diabetes Mellitus II);
  • high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • asthma/emphysema (COPD);
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pulmonary function testing (spirometry);
  • advice on how to stop smoking;
  • complex care questions with the elderly.
Brigitte Everaars
Brigitte Everaars
Doctor’s assistant


Besides being a doctor’s assistant, Brigitte is responsible for the daily routine within the practice. She also has her own daily surgery for carrying out simple medical procedures like syringeing ears, measuring blood pressure, removing stitches, tending wounds, giving injections, checking urine for signs of bladder infection and taking STD test material. Brigitte also takes smears for testing on cervical cancer.